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3683 South Main Street

South Salt Lake, Utah




Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 M-F


We take pride in our integrity and providing quality work for an affordable price!



Exhaust Systems

Exhaust is our specialty. From classic cars to new cars, we can make you vehicle sound just the way you want it, add extra horsepower, and replace worn out mufflers.




Brake pads wearing thin? Rotors warped? We have it covered!



Catalytic Converters

Have you experienced a loss of power? Is a check engine light on? Hearing a strange rattle? We can fix that!





Do your old shocks or struts have you bouncing down the road? We can fix that!



General Car Repairs

Time for a tune-up? Need a timing belt? Got a leaky gasket? Need an oil change? Fuel pump causing issues? Safety and Emissions? We can help!



Check Lights

Got warning lights on? We check those for free and can tell you what they indicate.




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