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Exhaust Repair

Exhaust repairs are what we do best, from replacing a broken muffler to installing an entirely new exhaust system we can guarantee the best pricing and quality craftsmanship.

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Brakes pads wear over time and can damage rotors and even prevent your car from coming safely to a stop. Let us take care of your brakes to keep your car safe and in top running condition!

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Our centrally located shop and honest mechanics make Main Street Muffler the ideal place for regular maintenance like fluid changes, tire rotations, and much more.

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Car Batteries can require special tools for proper removal and installation you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. We also check for any underlying issues that may have led to that dead battery!

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General Repair

Car won’t start? Does your car have a warning light on the dash, or is it just acting up? Bring your car to Main Street Muffler for all of your repair needs.

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Check Engine Light

We have all experienced it, that pesky check engine light, the master technicians at our shop can get you a proper diagnoses at no cost and get your car back to rights in no time!

We work on someone’s 49 custom Chevy truck, who else better to work on your minivan?


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