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10 Ways Cars Have Changed

Improved Safety An area which has certainly been the focus of plenty of automotive improvements, safety features on modern cars are now more comprehensive than ever. Some see this trend originating from the introduction of airbags which didn’t occur until the Ford Motor Company began installing them in their vehicles in the 70s. Other modern

Ten Ways to Better Your Fuel Economy

Ten Ways to Better Your Fuel Economy   1. Maintained your vehicle A car in poor running condition will use more gas than one that has been tuned up. For example, a dirty air filter can reduce gas mileage up to 20%.   2. Keep your tires inflated Low tire pressure can decrease your

Check Engine Light

What does this light really mean? Well it can be a number of things from a CAN Module malfunction,bad sensor, PCM, TPS, Knock sensor or even a simple broken wire, to even the most out there thing you could think of and there is a mouse in the engine(yes we have seen that). So what

Napa Auto Care Center

What is a Napa Auto Care Center you ask? Well it is a nationally recognized and certified auto repair facility. You all know our work and quality parts we have used in the past, well we have upped the ante to the best out there and now all our work is covered by a 2

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