Crazy Things People Do in a Traffic Jam

Finish this sentence, “Traffic jams are…”

Can’t imagine anyone saying that they’re a great way of spending quality time. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam—especially one that’s going to last a while—you might as well find a productive way to pass the time. If you’re feeling a bit uncreative, why not takes some, “I’m in a traffic jam. What can I do for the next two hours?!” advice from the experts on crazy.

Get a Suntan

It’s Springtime, the sun is warming up, and you are in desperate need for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Why not undress, lie down on the hood of your car, and catch some rays? May as well get a jump on that suntan before you hit the beach later this year.

Honk like a Canada Goose or a Gaggle of Geese

Now is the time to lay that hand—hard—on the horn. Here’s a secret. It won’t get you anywhere—quite literally your car won’t budge—but it will give you some release from that pent up frustration that comes with being stuck in a traffic jam.

Watch a Movie

Why not catch up on an episode or two of the Walking Dead or a movie you’ve been dying to watch? Make sure to laugh out loud, or cry, depending on the circumstances. Watching your reactions will be comic relief for everyone else.

Traffic Jam

Sing the Traffic Jam Blues

Turn up that radio and get the crowd around you to understand, vividly, that pitch-perfect isn’t in your wheelhouse. However, your dance moves, at least the ones they’re able to see, (since only part of you is showing), are unparalleled.

Get Out of the Car, Get in the Car, Repeat

Get out of your vehicle and look around. Repeat the process until you notice that no one is making any progress. Your third-grade musical chairs practice will come in handy in this situation. The moment traffic starts to move; you have better be in your car unless you want to fall victim to that gaggle of horn-laying geese.

Flirt with Your Traffic Jam Neighbor

Hey, it’s cheaper than an online dating service, and you never know, it could lead you straight to a honeymoon in Cancun. Striking up a conversation with your traffic jam neighbor is not such a bad way to pass the time.

Traffic Jam

All Kidding Aside

Traffic jams can be more than just an inconvenience. They can take a toll on an otherwise productive day and can take time away from a relaxing evening. In many instances, there is little you can do about traffic jams, but you may be able to avoid them entirely by installing an app that acts as a warning system. Your local radio station is also a good source for traffic reports.

If you can’t avoid a traffic jam, the best defense is to stay calm and let others merge ahead of you rather than pulling ahead and shutting them out. Many traffic jams are made worse by discourteous behavior. Traffic jams can make some people angry so watch out for drivers who are changing lanes without signaling. Stay out of the emergency lane to avoid a ticket.

All traffic jams are frustrating, but they cause a temporary discomfort. Your primary goal must always be to return home safely.

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